Short to Medium Hairstyles for Women of Color

Short to Medium Hairstyles for Women of Color

Have you been waiting till your hair grows longer for getting it colored? If yes, you should know that the wait isn’t worth the effort! There’re several colors that you are able to pick and that too when your hair is of medium length. While short hairstyles have numerous color variations to pick from medium-length style are going to have more!

In the section below we discuss a number of hair color ideas for medium hair along with hair styling tips. You can pick whichever fits you the best and ensure that it fits your base hair color, skin tone, and face kind!

Blonde, brown & white hair color ideas for medium hair

If you’re keen on trying something truly attention-grabbing, you can pick over two colors for your hair colouring idea. Blonde does go truly well with brown, and on top of that, you have the option of picking a different hair color having a lighter shade. You also have the option of picking black, as long as you’ve more of blonde for the shade to dominate. This is a medium hair length that comes straight downward before curling up towards the ending.

Light brown & blonde hairdo and Light shade of brown hairdo ideas

The picking of Light brown & blonde could produce a pleasant color combo. If you’re against the idea of having over two colors, this pair is ideal. They do not just complement one another but also produce the finest of each of the shades. A curvy bob parted from a side, with a blend of brown and blonde is going to be ideal for every occasion and outfit!

Instead of abiding by most universal shades of brown, pick something that lends your hair a unique look. A lighter tone of brown as a hair color for short black hair, which buffs under the sun, would certainly be worth the selection. You could moreover follow the hairdo tip by straightening the hair and then parting it from a side.

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