Learn The Magical Properties Of Beer For Your Hair And Skin! | Hair Highlights

Learn The Magical Properties Of Beer For Your Hair And Skin!

Learn The Magical Properties Of Beer For Your Hair And Skin!

One thing that most of us are concerned about is our hair. We all want it to have that envious volume and shine that can make heads turn. If you have been wishing for a secret ingredient that can make this wish of yours come true, then we have a good news. And that is beer. Yes, the same one that you enjoy while hanging out with friends.

This one ingredient is the secret behind the gorgeous mane of our B-town and television celebs. Did you know that beer is the third most consumed drink in the world? Did you also know that it is almost as popular as a hair care ingredient? The number of beer shampoos and hair care products that list beer as an ingredient is on the rise and for a good reason. Following are the different benefits of beer as a hair care ingredient.

First of all, it makes your hair shinier. The bubbles in your beer aren’t just for the show. Beer is made with malt which can make your hair shinier. If you have been dealing with dull and lifeless hair, give beer rinse a try. In case your hair is too dry and flat, whip up a beer hair mask with some beer, water and olive oil. Apply it all over your hair and you will have the lustre that you have always wanted. Also, it adds volume to your hair.

Beer has activated yeast in it which helps in plumping up the cuticles of hair that helps in adding the volume. So, if you are planning to go out, try beer rinse. It will add volume to your hair by making them bouncy. Want to know about other benefits of beer for your hair and overall health? Watch this video till the very end!

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