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How to Easily Create Gorgeous Crocheted Roses

How to Easily Create Gorgeous Crocheted Roses

I always am so excited when I find a new project which combines a couple of different things I like.

I always loved the idea of creating flowers that would never die for home décor and as gifts for my family and friends—for example these paper flowers. But paper flowers are pretty flimsy, so if you don’t care of them, they will end up getting crumpled. For that reason they are better for a one-time event (like a wedding) rather than as a permanent keepsake.

Another thing I happen to be into is crochet. I was just thinking about this crochet scarf with roses and I had an epiphany. Why not find a way to crochet flowers which will last forever instead? After all, you can do pretty much anything with crochet!

I looked up videos and I quickly found a few. Two in particular captured my imagination!


Just look at it; it is absolutely amazing! I love all the details—the stem, the leaves, even the little ones around the blossom itself. Unlike paper flowers, crochet roses like this really can last forever. This makes them perfect to give as gifts. And I mention that this project looks surprisingly easy?

Make sure that you check out HappyBerry Crochet’s other videos while you are at it. She also has tutorials which teach you how to make some other flowers like tulips and daffodils. So if you want, you can actually crochet a whole bouquet!

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