Basic Steps to Selecting a Hairstyle

Basic Steps to Selecting a Hairstyle, The art of mastering the basics of hair styling is every woman’s dream and is a matter personal responsibility. It is not enough to rely on nature to endow one with beautiful maintenance free hair and special effort has to be put in finding that perfect hairstyle that brings out your best features while minimizing on your weak points. Every woman has a basic style that suits their face. It can be varied to create different hairstyles, but the basic lines remain constant. Hair makes a woman. It should however not be more important than the person. Clean, healthy vibrant and lively hair is every woman’s dream that can be achieved with minimum effort and expense and transformed in to a suitable well styled hair do.

Basic Steps to Selecting a Hairstyle

The first step to a great hairstyles begins with a good haircut. This does not mean chopping off all your hair and going bald but entails simple techniques such as trimming off dead split ends. The type of haircut will depend on ones hair type and the style one is going for. Straight hair can be cut blunt where all the hair is cut to one length all round or layered where hair is cut graduated into uneven layers.

Hair types vary from curly, straight to kinky and each has both positive and negative attributes associated with them. Curly hair is thick and full of body but tends to fizzle easily especially in hot or damp weather conditions. It is best in short hairstyles which are thinned to fall into short waves. Straight hair is just that, straight, and looks great when long and well cut. It is however very thin and lacks body.

It can be left to hang and looks wonderful when swinging from side to side and can be given a little wave to achieve natural curls. Kinky hair is course and is mostly found in the African race. It is thick, full of body and course which makes it difficult to comb and style. Most women with kinky hair straighten it using chemicals to make it soft and easy to manage. Kinky hair however makes the best cornrows, braids and dreadlocks as it holds nicely, neatly and securely in place. All these hair types have particular hairstyles that suit them and it is every woman’s duty to know and understand their hair type and select a style that is best suited to it.

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